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I just ran HC Uldir this weekend and we also did another Uldir mount run, and it is safe to say that I never experienced any other boosting service that was that good. Customers that come back get extremely cheap prices and are treated extremely good. Thank you for all your help, I will definitely order again some day!

Originally posted from Ownedcore

Mike Barr

Professional team -- 0 wipe Uldir Heroic full clear in just over an hour. An experienced team that arranged run four hours prior with x3 loot share. Received eight items, four above the promised minimum despite only one personal drop. Would recommend ShineBoost to anyone. 

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Great people who know what they are doing proffesionally strong recommend it, did 2 mythics ( weekly ) and uldir hc last week now waiting for tonight's uldir HC again. and always there for me ! If I need suggestion on dps or something else like gear stats they tell best they know ( 380 ilvls ) etc etc.. Lovely people <3 

Originally posted from Ownedcore